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Case against Porn - Destroying a generation

In the Bible we read that Jesus says that if you even look upon a woman with lust you have committed adultery with her in your heart (Matthew 5:27). All sexual engagements outside a union between a man and a woman in marriage is described as sinful. Christians advocate sex, solely with in the context of a marriage. Society is a long way from this holy standard and it is destroying the nation.


Pornography is one of the things outside the biblical tutelage regarding sex, and firstly, I would like to inform you of the scale of the problem: 

  • Over 90% of people younger than 14 have been exposed to pornography 

  • Close to 80% of young adults (79% of men/76% of women) admit to watching porn once a month

  • 3 out 11 of the most visited websites in the world are porn websites

  • 1 in 4 searches on google are for porn related content


As you can see from these statistics, porn has a choke hold on the nation(s). Particularly, on the minds of the next generation who are absolutely consumed with these unhealthy lusts. 

In recent generations we have had sex thrust upon culture. Hollywood and media outlets know that sex sells, and they continue to profit from the publics' addiction. Also, recent public figures like Alfred Kinsey have influenced modern sex theory. He advocated pedophilia, bestiality, sodomy and he even experimented sexually with children. He sought to normalise all sexual activity. Another character to mention, who personifies the sexual revolution, is Hugh Hefner. Hugh, along with others have glamorised sexual promiscuity. They give off the impression that to be a man you have to have many sexual conquests and to be a woman you have to wear next to nothing and be promiscuous. They suggest that true personhood is found and is tied up in these sexual endeavours.


Social media is full of attention seeking fools who are slaves to the current repugnant sexual climate. In this context, I use the phrase slave to illuminate the severity of this cultural trend. Those of you who are biblically literate will know that the Bible declares that many are slaves to sin (Romans 6:6). Being a slave to this particular sin is not new, ancient religious cults attributed sexual chaos to power and regeneration.

Pornography is very addictive as it leads to the releasing of powerful chemicals that the body starts to crave. It also destroys relationships for obvious reasons. Men and women bring unrealistic expectations to real sexual interactions which they have learnt online. As you can imagine, these expectations are impossible and mean that sexual encounters become overshadowed with pressure and anxiety. Those taking part in these fleeting encounters are left broken, lost and sometimes suicidal. On top of this, it has been a major factor in the dismantling of marriages across the nation because spouses are unable to 'perform' like the actors they see online.

Above all, regarding pornography, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that when one watches porn, they are watching strangers have sex. It really couldn't be a more desolate existence. God wants His creation to experience the joy of sexual intimacy within the context of marriage. Sexual union is the sign of a marriage covenant between a man and a woman, indeed the two become one flesh (Genesis 2:24). When one defiles the marriage bed, he defiles his very soul. It is like heaping burning coals on his lap (Proverbs 6:27).

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